If you are a beginner in making scrapbooks, we are to help you with it and for sure, your scrapbook is going to be as beautiful as you are. But besides that, if you need anything else, we also have other services that even Harrisonburg lawyers are going to love.  

Below will be the steps on how to make your very own scrapbook: 

  1. Brainstorm on a theme.  

You must think about what your scrapbook is going to look and what should it contain. You must settle for a single theme so that it would be organized-looking. This will also help you to decide on something unified. When you buy the things that you need, you can also buy bits and pieces of the accessories that are related to your chose theme. An example of the theme is your personal family tree or your high school memories and things like that.  

  1. Prepare a list of stories to tell.  

With this, you will need pictures that are related to your theme. You want your pictures to coincide with each other so decide on where to put them, what specific page and what location of the page (upper right corner, center, sides). You could also do a timeline process wherein you classify your pictures and other memoires by dates, months or even years! If you have a very important event on a specific month, you can dedicate a page or two for that to keep up with an organized scrapbook.  

  1. Select your photo well.  

Choose pictures that really tell the story. Avoid blurred ones and unclear one which has been washed by rain or other substance.  

  1. Place the page elements carefully.  

If you are already on the design and layout of the scrapbook, make sure that you are going for a unified look. It will save you time from recreating them if you find it weird or unorganized by the end of the day. Also, utilize what you bought, make sure that you don’t waste any designs and you save your money. A clean and simple scrapbook is better than a full and unorganized one.  

You can also cut the photos to however you like them, just be sure that they are still pleasing to the eyes and that they are in coordination with your theme.  

  1. Put up your photos well.   

Make sure that once you adhering it to the blank pages, there is no turning back. If you mess up, you will start with a fresh new page again because you would not an untidy page on your scrapbook, right?  

You can also put frames to the photo by cutting strips of paper or drawing colored lines on the sides to emphasizes it and so that it stands out. Putting fabric and cardstocks can also be a cute addition to them. 

  1. To make them more significant, try journaling.  

You can personalize your scrapbook even more when you put phrases, sentences or words that remind you of what happened during that time. When you do this, your scrapbook will be more personal and heartfelt to the ones viewing it. It will also look like you have really put your heart and soul into making it look beautiful and memorable.